Shortly after the US government announced that they will stop any passengers who take uncharged smartphones or tablets to the US, the UK government also do the same, revealed that they will also be blocking uncharged devices from any UK flights.

This new rule will mean that if you are flying from the UK, you will need to charge your smartphone, tablet or any other electronic device fully before entering customs, at which point you may be asked to turn on your device in order to confirm that the device is actually charged,

This new rule will however only apply to certain routes, and by the looks of the announcement, the new regulations won’t apply to every flight from the UK.

Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary announced that these new rules are “in line with that issued by the United States”, in order to cut down on possible security threats that may arise from possible terrorist plans to use an empty phone as a bomb or detonation device.

So I guess the main thing to take from this story would be to make sure your device is charged before entering the airport.

Source: The Telegraph

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