Yesterday we mentioned that currently the UK is falling quite far behind when it comes to introducing NFC technology into our everyday life, but it seems that the Post Office is trying to give us a pushed start with the introduction of contactless payment terminals in 11,500 of its branches from the 6th of June.

These terminals will of course support contactless cards supplied by your bank such as the MasterCard PayPass and Visa’s PayWave, alongside which NFC-enabled phones will also be supported allowing customers to pay for any transaction under £20 with their phone, the roll out will start in 200 various branches near Olympic Games venues and will then be introduced in all the other Post Offices around the country by the end of October.

One thing that you may have noticed is that currently we don’t have an NFC payment app in the UK, but hopefully this will be a good reason for apps like Google Wallet to be introduced in the UK. For now, you might just have to stick with PayPal’s NFC alternative called InStore, which was released yesterday.

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