All of those people in the US have been buying the discounted TouchPads for a whole three days now, whilst us Brits have been left out until now.
From today some UK retailers will be offering a discounted TouchPad for just £89 Dixons will be starting the discounted deal from today, the Head of Media Relations, Mark Webb confirmed this today on Twitter:

“ HP Touchpad SALE, Limited Stock online from later today. £89 for the 16gb and £115 for the 32gb.”

As well as Dixons, Currys and PC World will also be offering the reductions from tomorrow morning.

The 16GB device will be priced at just £89 and the 32GB will be available at a tiny £115, but you will have to be fast as there is very limited stock with high demand.

Before the price cut the 16GB was priced at £350 and 32GB device at £450, and alongside the rumors of Andriod availability this device is defiantly worth snapping up if your quick enough.

What do you think? Are you going to buy a new TouchPad?

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