The UK will soon take into account streaming figures into account for the UK Top 40 singles chart, which comes after the US and Europe did the same some time ago.

The news was announced by the head of music at Radio One, George Ergatoudis, revealing that the new Top 40 singles chart will now take into account the number of times tracks are streamed on services like Spotify and YouTube, starting from the summer later this year.

Music streaming in the UK has increased by over 33% in 2013, and now accounts for nearly 10% of all music revenues, with over 7.4 billion songs streamed during the year of 2013.

Despite these figures, Radio 1 has held back on the move so far in order to figure out what stream to use and the impact it will then have on new and independent artists, as well as figuring out how many plays of a song would equate to a purchase.

Source: BBC

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