The Times has today reported that Chancellor George Osborne will soon confirm funding for a new self-driving project, aiming to bring self-driving lorries to the UK’s roads.

The project is set put convoys of up to 10 autonomous lorries according to the report, with a possible testing ground said to be a stretch of the M6 motorway near Carlisle, which is a fairly quiet segment of the motorway, where the drive will be able to lead the autonomous lorries without needing to navigate through entry and exit points.

This will make the UK a leader in the self-driving technology.

We don’t know yet which vehicles will be used in the testing, however, given Daimler’s autonomous lorries have already been given the green light to test on US roads, it’s likely that they will be the frontrunner.

This will also come alongside the UK’s plans to launch smart roads, which are being developed in conjunction with Jaguar Land Rover, Vodafone, a number of UK universities and Huawei.

There’s also another smart project in West Yorkshire that will use infrared cameras to monitor traffic levels and introduce variable speed limits.

We should learn more official news about all of this when George Osborne sets out his budget on March 16th.

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