Space is already big business and companies worldwide are already making billions hooking us up with satellite connections for us to connect to the internet, find out where we are, and just look out into space.

According to the UK government, the UK segment of this space industry is worth more than £13.7 billion to the economy and could be worth much more in the future.

To attempt to boost some of that, the government unveiled their plans to build the infrastructure that is needed to send satellites and other spacecraft into space from UK shores, all packed into a bill named the Spaceflight bill.

In this bill, they plan to grow the commercial space sector by setting up the UK’s, and possibly Europe’s first spaceport, which will be used to grow the sector tremendously, with a number of sites for this port already selected the government is looking to set up the regulation.

With this, they are looking to get the spaceflight licences, restricted launch zones, insurance requirements, astronaut training, and other safety requirements that the space sector would have to abide to and design their operations in the UK around.

But at the moment, it is only in the draft stages, once the government agrees on it and works out the finer details they aim to have an operational UK spaceport by 2020.

It’s fantastic news for the UK, which has been needing more space action for some time now.

As always, we will be sure to keep you updated about this.

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