According to research posted by GBI Research has revealed that Ultrabook sales will make up 47% of annual notebook sales by 2016, this is due to technical advances in the process of creating Ultrabooks that has led to them being a lot cheaper, the company has also predicted that sales will rise from 1.3 million last year to a huge 148.7 million by 2016.

The predicted amount is a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 109%, a Ultrabook is a new notebook that is a lot thinner and lighter than your usual notebook, the technology within them allows for a shorter boot time, thanks to flash memory.

However this speed has not led to a lot of people running to the shops, but due to the price reduction of microprocessor and flash memory, companies have been able to increase the production capacity for screens and casing, leading to an overall price reduction in the selling price of Ultrabooks from around £1000 last year to a predicted £500 by the end of 2016.

America is currently the largest consumer of Ultrabooks, who are expected to purchase 1.55 million of them this year alone, which is 42% of 2012’s global market.

However GBI has predicted that this will change by 2016 to the Asia- Pacific region who are expected to purchase 55 million units, with America coming second with 54 unit sales, Europe, the Middle East and Africa will also come third with combined sales of around 40 million.

Source: GBI Research

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