If you have supplied your kids with an iOS device then you will probably know about the lack of parental control options in iOS when compared to other mobile operating systems like Android, especially those devices that have some options added on top of Android, like Amazon’s Kindle Fire for Kids (which are great by the way).

Today a new app was launched that will add new parental control and screen time options to your child’s iOS device, aptly called unGlue, it unglues your kid by limiting the time that the spend on their screens.

But it’s also slightly more than that, unGlue also allows you to manage separate tasks such as internet access, allowing you to track usage and set a schedule for internet use. Children will receive an alert when this time is running out and they can even rollover any unused time for another day or request more in exchange for something that the parent requests.

And from the parent’s phone, they can manage the time for all of their children’s devices and monitor all of them within a single app.

It’s a pretty cool app that you should definitely take a look at if you have kids, plus it’s free.

Download it at the source link below. (Unfortunately it only seems to be available in the US right now, hopefully that will change soon).

Source: iTunes App Store

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