Unreal Engine was first released back in 1998 by Epic Games, since which time the studio has developed the software into something much bigger than what it first was, now powering a number of games within a range of genres including MMOs, RPGs and FPS games.

To show just how far the engine has come, Benoit Dereau today released their own Unreal Engine 4 Virtual Tour that uses the current Epic Games engine, and shows just how far the games engine has come.

Unreal Engine 4 was first released at last years 2014 GDC, and comes with C++ source code, a new subscription model and a ton of new features for games developers.

The subscription packages now start at just $19 a month, making it accessible to a wide variety of developers.

Check out the virtual tour video below, and head on over to the source link for a look at their other creations.

Source: Benoît Dereau

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