Be able to stream content straight from your tablet or smartphone is something we all look for in a new streaming device, with the Apple TV being one of the biggest devices to do this, and it seems Google wants to do just that with their new steaming box called, Google TV.

The box was announced a huge amount of time ago, but the features it brings are just getting better as we move through time, with the most recent feature allowing you to stream video to your set-top box from your Android smartphone or tablet.

This will all be done through a special application, which Google is still in the process of developing, but once it;s done it will allow you to synchronize the content on your phone with your Google TV, which so far only includes photos but we are sure other content like Music will be included later.

Alongside these new features, the Google TV will also run on Android 4.0, with a dual core processor, 4GB flash memory, 1GB RAM and ports for your MicroSD card as well as Ethernet and HDMI cables.

So far the device is expected to hit Taiwan this July, and will be priced at around $93, with no word on a release elsewhere, but we will be sure to let you know if we find anything out.

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