Battlefield 1 has only be available for three weeks now, but they have already announced their first major update that is set to go live later this month.

EA and DICE revealed more information about it on a post on the Battlefield blog, where the developer announced details about the upcoming changes.

They haven’t yet unveiled an exact release date for this upcoming update, however, there will be a Battlefest event on November 16th, which will host a number of announcements, and possibly the announcement of these changes.

Anyone who log into the game during this event will also be getting rewards.

But ahead of time, they have revealed some new details about this upcoming update, which are as follows:

  1. Hardcore servers
  2. Suez map will have 5 points to hold in Conquest, with A and C being smaller areas. Each team gets 1 armored vehicle in their base added
  3. Fog of War game mode – As indicated, it will be a fog covered map giving us very little visibility, along with no mini maps or soldier markers
  4. Huge update – On top of all of this, there will also be one separate update that is going to include a rent a server program, brand new game mode and more.

You can read more about the upcoming update on Battlefield’s blog at the source link below.

Source: Battlefield

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