A Reddit user by the username: XboxOneDev has today leaked something that a lot of Xbox One users might be happy to see come in a future update, posting an image of what looks to be support for external hard drives on the Xbox One.

Posting the message, “I give you this. Soon…” on the Xbox One SubReddit, the user who claims to be an Xbox Developer, claims that the screenshot he leaked depicts that of an early access software update, which will presumably become public “soon”.

This is huge news for Xbox One owners, who have been forced to stick with the 500GB fitted to the console, as if unattached, the warranty for the console will become void.

This means that gamers who have a lot of titles may have to reoccurring uninstall and reinstall games, juggling those which they want to play at different points.

The ability to attach an external hard drive might mean that this will no longer be a problem, well as long as Microsoft allow you to transfer game saves to it, and it supports a large enough size anyway.

As of yet however, there’s nothing official, but if we hear any confirmation we will let you know.

Via: Reddit

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