Normally when you here that a product is going to turn your iPad/iPhone into a remote control you think of some kind of attachment, in which you would be wrong  as the new Sky+ app for iPad allows you to control their Sky box wirelessly.

Users can change channels, pause play or even rewind TV, right from their iPad, alongside which Sky customers who use the app will also be able to see whats stored on their Sky+ planner and make changes without interrupting what they are watching on the TV>

Sky have also added a new design to make it easier for users to set recordings of their favorite shows over the last week.

According to Sky this is not the end either, later this they will be integrating zeebox second screen functionality into the app, allowing the to follow online reactions to their favorite shows from Twitter, as well as bonus content made for their shows.

To access the service you will need you Sky+ box connected to the same network as your iPad and have the new look to the TV Guide, but once you have that you are ready to go, check out the source link below for more information.

Via [Sky Views]

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