At their initial press event, UPS found one of the first problems with drone delivery with one of their test aircrafts failing right in front of the press.

They intended for the event to demonstrate how package-carrying drones could make deliveries more efficient in rural locations, but things didn’t go completely to plan.

Despite those initial issues, UPS did manage to successfully test residential drone deliveries and they posted a YouTube video to show it off.

As they set out in the video, UPS plans to launch these drones from the top of a UPS van to a location that is hard to get to while the van continues on to the next delivery.

This means that UPS would split one van so that they could make two deliveries at the same time.

Once they have completed the second delivery, the drone will be reunited with the van further along the route, all of which happens automatically.

But this could come with problems. In the US commercial use of drones requires the pilot to keep them in sight in order to comply with the law.

UPS has already said that until this restriction is eased it won’t be able to complete this plan, so it is possible that this plan might change entirely, of course, it’s pretty cool anyway.

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