The Swedish lifestyle brand, Urbanista announced the launch of a new earphone lineup this week.

The new range has been named Berlin, and is a set of new earphones that Urbanista say have been designed to suit the Scandinavian way of doing things.

It is a set of Bluetooth wireless earphones that have been designed to suit a comfortable fit, with designs that will be available in white, black, rose gold, and blue petroleum.

The ear buds have been designed with a soft silicon, with a flat cable for the part that links the two ear buds together.

The wireless part of the earphones will allow you to connect to your device over a Bluetooth connection, with a battery life that is said to last up to 4 hours from a single charge.

The new Berlin earphones will be available in stores and from Urbanista’s website for £39, you can find out more about them at the source link below.

Source: Urbanista

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