This week Urbanista announced the launch of their latest pair of headphones, called the Urbanista Seattle Wireless, they were launched in the UK to offer “crisp sound and impressive bass”, without the cord.

The Seattle Wireless headphones also feature what Urbanista is calling “advanced swipe technology”, allowing you to answer calls, play/ pause music, and change tracks with touch controls.

It sends music via Bluetooth, however, it also features a cord to keep the music playing when the battery runs out.

They also feature an in-built microphone for making calls, as well as a “share sound” plug that will allow you to share your music with friends.

The headphones also feature Urbanista’s trademark Scandinavian design, which makes an effort to be minimalistic and features a folding feature that makes the headphones more portable, with an adjustable headband, and memory foam cushions on the ear pads.

The headphones are available today in Rose Gold, White, Black and Blue Petroleum for £89.

You can find out more about them at the source link below.

Source: Urbanista

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