A new service called Utomik has today revealed plans to offer an unlimited cloud gaming service that promises unlimited access to PC games for only $10 a month.

The service also claims to be lag free, have short download times and keep the quality of the game itself good, promising to make games playable with just a single click and virtually no installation time between selecting your game and playing your game.

Utomik says this is possible because of its own “unique proprietary file streaming technology.”

“A big part of why we believe Utomik will be a success is our different market approach,” Chris van der Linden, the product director at Utomik said. “Instead of bringing games to the living room or letting users play games on an old PC, Utomik is targeting gamers that like to play games, but maybe have little time. People who value ease of use and accessibility.”

He added, “We simply do not believe in the video streaming business model to date. No one has made a real success out of it. Gamers made it clear too — they don’t want a low quality video render of their game from a remote server for higher costs. Our vision and service is based on the real needs of gamers: good quality, unlimited, frictionless gaming for $9.99/month.”

It certainly seems interesting, the only problem is that we can’t get a look at the service yet as it is currently in what the companies calls the Silent Ninja mode, however it will be launching as a closed beta soon according to the company.

You can sign up for that beta and find out more about it at the source link below.

Source: Utomik

Via: VentureBeat

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