You have probably heard about V-Moda because of their headphones,. however, as of today, you may also know of them because of their speakers.

The company unveiled the first of what we expect to be a new line of Bluetooth speakers, the Remix.

They have designed the Remix to provide clear and accurate sound, featuring a rear-mounted bass reflex port that allows it to perform well in terms of bass as well.

To top that off, V-Moda also fitted the speaker out with a headphone amplifier, which is capable of outputting 83mW of audio power across two channels to a pair of high-end headphones, such as V-Moda’s line.

It also has a built-in microphone that allows it to be used for calls, or other uses such as voice commands when connected to something like an Amazon Echo.

To end all of those specs, the Remix features a 3,400 mAh battery that is said to provide up to 10 hours of music playback, and can be recharged via the USB Type- C port.

You can pick up the V-Moda Remix from their website today for from $300 in the US.

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