Valve’s annual Steam Holiday Sale has today gone live, offering discounts on more than 2,000 games for the PC, the sale will offer Steam users a new deal everyday, with Daily Deals that change every 24 hours, Flash Sales that change every 8 hours and Community Choice Voting, allowing users to vote on which deal they want next.

Today’s Daily Deals Include:

Valve will also be introducing the Snow Globe Trading Card, which will be available after collecting all of the ten special cards from the event, granting the user the Snow Globe badge and in-game items.

Here’s the five ways you can grab your Snow Globe Trading Card.

  • Craft a game badge
  • Make a purchase (1 card for every $10 spent)
  • Vote for the Community’s Choice Flash sale (1 card for every 3rd time you vote)
  • Trade for them
  • Buy them from the Community Market

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