Today EA announced that the Vampires game pack will launch for The Sims 4 on January 24th, 2017.

They say that the pack has been built out much more than the previous versions of Vampires, which now features their own Vampire-based motives and needs which are focused around gaining Plasma, Powers, and sleep.

Vampires drink Plasma which you will need to either purchase or grow. Or if you prefer, you can simply take it from the Sims around you.

Vampires will also have their own powers, allowing players to turn other Sims into Vampires, move around in various forms, and much more, as you gain experience you will gain new powers and weaknesses.

During your playtime, you will be able to play as either a regular or dark Vampire, as you perform more Vampire actions your Sim will eventually make their way to the Dark side.

The pack will also come with various new additions to the Create a Sim section of the game along with a new place to visit called the Forgotten Hollow.

You can find out more about the pack at the source link below, where EA have fully detailed the features of the new pack.

Source: The Sims

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