This week a company called VanMoof revealed details about a new SmartBike that they claim to be unstealable.

And if it is stolen within the first two years of purchase, the Dutch firm claims that they will track the bike down and return it to you in less than two weeks.And they say that if they fail to do that they will replace it for just €98.

That said, VanMoof hope that you won’t get into this situation that’s to their app-controlled keyless lock.

The SmartBike also has GPS technology inbuilt, and has been designed with an aluminium frame to ensure that it will remain lightweight, despite the added extras like front and rear lights, disc brakes and an enclosed drive train, it weighs just 14.3kg.

It is is available now from Vanmoof’s stores in grey and black.

You can find out more about it at the source link below.

Source: VanMoof

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