Watches are great, we all need one to tell the time at any time, but in the dark this can be an extremely tricky thing to do, with the VEGA watch you can tell the time even in the dark.

The watch comes is ten very colorful combinations ranging from green to black, on the front of the watch is your usual watch face with a glow-in-the-dark difference.

The new watch is a brainchild of thumbsUP, and has been designed with the new technology named Neoluxs, which allows the watch to light up via solar power, which can then be slowly released for a long-lasting and battery-less glow.

VEGA watches are also water-resistant up to 50cm, which means you can just about drop it in a bath and it should be okay, but there is a 24 month guarantee if anything goes wrong.

The VEGA watch is available from today from Paramount Zone for £69.99, you can also found out more on thumbsUP’s site

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