A new device has today hit Kickstarter, called VexBox it allows parents to throttle their children’s Internet usage and easily cut down the amount of time they spend procrastinating.

Created by Sean O’ Riordan, the project looks to allow users to reduce broadband speeds down to as low as 56k, rendering the Internet pretty much un-renderable.

“For teenagers, technology is their currency, and managing it every parent’s nightmare. School work, chores, attitude, a decent night’s sleep all hijacked by always on, lightning fast devices, never out of arms reach.

The Vexbox changes all that. It’s a one step throttle that controls the speed of each device in the house using a web browser right from the parent’s own smartphone, tablet or computer. No fuss, no arguments. Your high schooler hasn’t finished that essay? Bam, they’re back to dial up until it’s done. Once completed it takes a few seconds via a web browser to restore full speed to the child’s internet as The VexBox is also a working router.

In many households with a teen, there are countless struggles when it comes to homework, chores or attitude often resulting in a total ‘digital grounding’. It was no different in my home. I was tired of this relationship with my teen and technology. Why were my only choices ‘On or Off’ when it came to the internet? There had to be a better way; less punitive, more motivational!”

You can find out more about the project by checking out the video above, or even by hitting up the Kickstarter link below, where you can also make a pledge for your own VexBox.

The project is looking for $50,000 and is currently at just under $2,000 at the time of writing, to grab one you need to pledge $39 or more.

Source: Kickstarter

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