The Galaxy S4 is an awesome Android phone, with a ton of features that some may feel a tad bit too much, but are defiantly a sign of great of improvement from the Korean manufacture.

Alongside the release of this smartphone, Samsung also announced the release of various accessories to be sold with the handset, one of which, and probably more interesting of the bunch, is the optional S View cover, that adds various extra features as well protection for your smartphone.

Much like other covers that Samsung have released in the past, the S View cover clips onto the back of the phone, where the battery cover used to be, this is then attached to a protective cover that brings the main feature of this case.

S4 S View Case Review (2 of 5)

A front window placed at the top of the case, it can display information such as the time, as well as your notification bar, message count and even incoming calls.

But this isn’t simply a transparent windows, it’s also conducive, allowing you to simply swipe across it to either accept a phone call or decline it.

Inside the case there’s also hidden magnets, which are designed to both keep the cover closed as well as turn of the screen when closed, however during our tests we found these magnets were a little to weak, and the case just ended up flapping around the place, sliding of the phone too easily for my liking.

However all in all, it’s a very clever piece of kit.

S4 S View Case Review (1 of 5)

Although its made from plastic, the cover still has a nice feel to it, one that actually makes it feel both great to hold and add a more expensive look to the phone itself.

The interior of the cover is also well made, with a padded and soft material, it will help keep the underside of your screen protected from scratches, and also remove some of the grime and dust from your phone when closed.

If you have a Galaxy S4 the S View cover is defiantly a great accessory to choose.
You can pick one up from MobileFun today, available on their online store priced at just under £33.

Also whilst your around their site, make sure to check out same of the other Samsung S4 cases available.

Also make sure to keep watch for our full Samsung Galaxy S4 Review.

Disclosure: MobileFun kindly sent us the S View cover for review purposes.

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