Vimeo has this week revealed that they will be rolling out 4K Ultra HD adaptive streaming support to all of its users, this allows users to view stream videos in 4K Ultra HD resolution on the Vimeo platform.

This will also be available in its embedded player, as well as via the official website and Vimeo on Demand service.

Those who subscribe to Vimeo Pro have been able to upload in 4K resolution for some time now, but previously they were only able to download these uploaded videos in the 4K format, rather than stream it in that format.

But as of today that streaming support is rolling out, a process which was held off until the availability of TVs and monitors were increased.

With this, Vimeo is now marketing itself as the largest, open on-demand platform for 4K streaming, rolling out support to platforms such as Apple TV and its iOS application. The Video Cameo mobile editing application has already been updated with this support.

Via: TNW

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