YouTube and Facebook has had support for playing back 360-degree videos for some time now, however, a lot of businesses and creators use Vimeo for their projects and so they have been somewhat left behind, until today.

Vimeo has launched a new update for their platform, allowing them to support the upload and the playback of 360-degree videos from today.

From today, Users will be able to playback 360-degree videos from Vimeo’s website, or from their iOS or Android applications in either a monoscopic or stereoscopic mode, the latter of which has been designed for viewing a video on a VR headset.

You can do that with a range of headsets, including Google Daydream, the Samsung Gear VR, and the Zeiss VR One, with support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive coming soon.

Here’s one example:

On the web you can click and drag anywhere on the video above to look around, or on a smartphone you simply swipe the screen, with the ability to pan around and get a 360-degree view of the video.

Clicking the video will also restore you to the default point of view, if the uploader enabled it.

Creators will also be able to monetize these 360-degree videos via Vimeo’s new marketplace, where customers can buy their videos.

There will also be a new 360-degree video school to teach creators the best practices for the new format.

You can check it out in the Vimeo app and on the Vimeo website today.

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