Today a new set of interesting headphones were launched on Kickstarter.

Called the Vinci they are a set of smart headphones that are now available for pre-order on the crowdfunding platform, but as the word “smart” suggests, they are not your average pair of headphones.

Not only can they play music, but they will also work as an activity tracker, provide directions, read back text messages, and do even more over a WiFi or 3G connection and all without the need of a smartphone.

The creators of Vinci also say that the headphones will learn about your behavior and it will be able to tell you things as according to that, such as details about your usual commute or suggested songs from services like Amazon Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.


This is all controlled via a touchscreen panel on the side of the headphones. Tap and hold on this and start talking to ask a question, or use it to control the headphones. This display will also show an audio visualizer as you play music, which is rather strange because you won’t see it, the outside world will.

You can take a quick look at the smart headphones via the video below and the source link below that will also provide you with more information, as well as a place to back the project.

Source: Kickstarter

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