Virgin Galactic has today announced their new plans to tackle one of the biggest challenges in today’s electronic world.

That plan is to enable the millions of people around the world who still don’t have internet access, many of whom live in rural areas or in third-world countries where cabling is not available or the costs would be too high.

This means that a lot of people end up with either dial-up internet, or nothing at all.

To do this Virgin Galactic’s CEO Richard Branson announced that they plan to put up to 2,400 satellites into orbit, each of which would be used to deliver broadband internet around the world.

The first step for this is to put 640 satellites into orbit from OneWay.

In case you don’t know OneWay is a company who work with local carriers to bring broadband to customers via the local carrier’s spectrum.

Connectivity is then delivered via LTE, 3G and 2G connections.

Virgin Galactic is currently designing a delivery rocket called LauncerOne that can put up to 500 pounds of cargo into low-earth orbit for about $10 million.

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