As promised yesterday, Virgin Galactic has today unveiled the next generation of the spaceship that it plans to use to take its customers into space.

Named VSS Unity by Professor Stephen Hawking, the airplane is similar to the original vessel which crashed back in October 2014, still featuring two wings, but they have widened the wings further than the original craft.

it will be able to carry two pilots and six passengers, able to breach the end of space allowing passengers to experience weightlessness for a short time and then returning to Earth.

But before it actually takes the new spaceship out, Virgin Galactic will first test the vessel, starting with ground tests and then moving on to “captive carry flights” where WhiteKnightTwo will carry it.

If it succeeds this they will then test free flying under 45,000 feet, and then rocket-powered tests which will get the plan up to 100,000 feet.

All that said, Virgin Galactic still has said when it expects to do this.


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