We haven’t seen much from Virgin Galactic since the sad incident resulted in the death of one test point in a crash, and worries from the media and the industry about the reliability of Virgin Galactic.

Thankfully, Virgin Galactic are going to give it another go, and hopefully, this time, it will be a crash free one, today revealing that they will be unveiling the next generation of the SpaceShipTwo, their reusable spaceplane.

In terms of changes, the new spaceship will be structurally identical to the previous generation, but this time, it will come with more automation, with failsafes added to help prevent mistakes from happening in the future.

Virgin Galactic has said that they will begin the first flights of SpaceShipTwo sometime this year.

With these flights, Virgin Galactic will need to regain the support of the general public, the space industry, media and of course, the customers that they plan to eventually launch into space.

Virgin Galactic also plans to launch satellites in the future, which we presume will happen quite sometime after they figure out SpaceShipTwo.

We should have more information about the unveiling tomorrow, so make sure to come back then for that.

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