Virgin Media has today announced a new way to provide free public Wi-Fi, offering high-speed Wi-Fi to residents in Chesham via a new underground scheme.

Called “Smart Pavement”, the new service will be available to residents, businesses and visitors in Cheshem during the companies tests, which allow users to access the free Wi-Fi service across the centre of the city.

The Wi-Fi will also deliver speeds of up to 166Mbps, which Virgin Media says is seven times the average broadband speed in the UK. Virgin Media says this will allow you to download a file size of 634Mb in less than 35 seconds.

Gregor McNeil, a Virgin Media managing director, explained:

“Not only is this the first time we’ve built metropolitan WiFi directly from our street cabinets, it is also the UK’s first deployment of a WiFi connected pavement. It is literally public WiFi under your feet. We want to build more networks like this.”

Virgin Media say that they selected to test the service in Chesham because it is “demographically representative of the UK population as a whole” allowing for a quick deployment.

To use Smart Pavement you simply need to select “Virgin Media WiFi” in your WiFi settings and you are good to go.

As of yet it is just a pilot, but we hope it will make its way across the UK soon.

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