Virgin Media has today announced the launch of a new version of the Super Hub, a new dual band hub that can supply a concurrent connection to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi channels and claims to be the fastest hub available in the UK.

That’s after some independent testing made by the University of Bristol and Farncombe Technology that shown the hub to outperform the BT Home Hub 3, and the Sky and TalkTalk hub.

The tests shown that the new Super Hub performed best on speed over different ranges, however it did not include BT’s new Home Hub 4 that was announced recently, they will be doing more tests for that soon.

With maximum 5GHz Wi-Fi speeds of up to 450Mbps, it’s also pretty fast when it comes to the tech sheet.

All customers taking out a new 60Mb or 100Mb broadband package will be able to get the Super Hub for free, however existing customers who have already upgraded to the package will have to pay a £49.95 installation fee.

For those on the 30Mbps package will be supplied the original Super Hub.

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