If you’re a gamer then you probably aren’t very pleased with your broadband package, most just don’t seem to offer a great package for you to game on, particularly in the UK.

If that is your opinion, then you might be interested in a broadband package that Virgin Media announced this week, called VIVID 200 Gamer, it is an optional upgrade to its VIVID 200 tariff and will increase the amount that you can get out from your broadband, particularly for use with games that require a faster upload speed, it should also be particularly interesting to those who stream on sites like Twitch or upload videos to YouTube.

It does this by increasing VIVID 200’s upload speeds from 12 to 20Mbps.

It does cost an extra £5 a month to set up, however, for anyone who needs to upload a lot of content, or who relies on their upload speed a lot, then it might be a good option to think about.

Gregor McNeil, Managing Director of Consumer at Virgin Media, said the following about the new package:

“VIVID 200 Gamer takes our leading ultrafast broadband to boss-mode levels.

We understand the frustrations when it comes to lag, disconnects and bandwidth issues, so right from the start we wanted to design a tier that builds on our superior connectivity to give gamers and streamers what they need.

With the fastest speeds and reliable connectivity, this is broadband built for gamers.”

You will be able to subscribe to the new VIVID 200 Gamer package from September 1st, 2016. You can find out more about VIVID at the source link below in the meantime.

Source: Virgin Media


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