Virgin Media is already offering free public Wi-Fi on London’s Underground, but now it plans to offer it in a range of the UK’s streets by using customers’ Super Hub and Super Hub 2 routers as hotspots, providing a connection via a smartphone application.

The scheme will be done in a similar way to BT FON, using Virgin Media’s network of home broadband connections around the country. Customers whose Super Hubs will be used with the service will be informed by email about the introduction, with information about how that will not impact their own connection.

“We’ll switch on a separate internet connection to your Super Hub,” the email reads. “Don’t worry, the broadband you love and pay for will stay exclusively yours – and remain just as secure.”

A spokesperson from Virgin Media then explained further: “The public hotspot will be powered by additional bandwidth being send to the router which will be accessed via a separate IP address.”

Customers who don’t want to be included in the program will be able to opt out in their profile settings on their account page, however if they do they will not be able to access the free Wi-Fi provided by other users’ around the UK.


For more details you can check out Virgin Media’s dedicated website here.

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