As was promised, Virgin Media has today announced the release of a brand new set-top-box that they are expected to release soon.

We don’t yet know much about the box, the pricing package for it, or much else than what the following tweet contains:

We will update you as soon as we learn more.

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For some time now, Sky’s new 4K service, Sky Q has been left uncontested, with Sky Q being the only close option to getting 4K television in your home.

However, that might not last much longer.

That is because Virgin Media has today confirmed that they will be unboxing a new set-top-box on their corporate Twitter account.

This comes after Virgin Media revealed that they will be launching a 4K-ready TiVo box this year during their financial results statement back in May.

It’s possible that the box they tweeted a picture of, is that very same 4K-ready set-top-box.

They didn’t reveal too much about the box, however, they did mention that the box will be unveiled tomorrow on August 11th.

Here’s that tweet:

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