Today Virgin Media announced a new plan to expand their WiFi service in a similar way to what BT has been doing with BT FON for some time now.

In this plan, Virgin Media will expand their public WiFi network by turning their customer’s routers into hotspots, which every Virgin Media WiFi user will be able to connect to in order to get WiFi internet on the go.

It will only be compatible with the SuperHub v3 routers and customers will be able to opt-out initially via an email that will be sent before the launch.

You will also be able to opt-out by heading over to the Virgin Media website, logging in and then opting out in the My Profile section.

If the customer does not opt-out, they will be connected automatically.

But, Virgin Media has said that this service won’t affect your broadband connection as they will be using “additional, separate” bandwidth to provide the service, of course, it will us your router and so it is possible that it could be slowed down in other ways, and obviously, it’s using your electric.

Virgin Media explained more about it in their FAQ

“Virgin Media WiFi uses a separate connection on your Hub to access the internet than the one used by your home broadband network. The data from your home network is completely separate from Virgin Media WiFi traffic, meaning the broadband connection you pay for is exclusively yours, and just as secure.”

This is all similar to BT FON, however, Virgin Media will not be allowing non-Virgin Media customers to connect to its WiFi network. You will only be able to connect to it if you are paying fro TV, broadband or mobile ophone services from Virgin Media.

Customers will be able to use this by downloading the Virgin Media WiFi app on iOS or Android.

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