Vizio has this week announced a new line-up of televisions and speakers, which come with built-in Google’s Chromecast.

In this there is the new 2016 P Series, which will start at $1,000 and is able to display HDR 4K content, with bright highlights, inky blacks and life-like imagery according to Vizio.

It will also support both Dobly Vision and HDR10, and each set will come with a 6-inch Android tablet and wireless charging stand.

This tablet will double as a remote, but the set will also come with a standard remote, for those who prefer that.

With the tablet, you are also able to sync any Chromecast competible app with the TV and tablet, allowing you to easily cast content on the P Series screen.

There will also be the Vizo SmartCast app pre-installed on the tablet, which allows you to seach for content across a number of streaming services, as well as access the television’s settings, as well as group soundbars and other home-audio equipment.

The P Series will also feature an eight-core processor, with 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth LE, five HDMI ports, a component-in array, USB 3.0 port and a USB 2.0 port.

Vizio has said that it is working on a range of wireless speakers and a wireless home theater system that will also work with Chromecast enabled apps.

With this, you will be able to cast music to the speakers and manage them via the same SmartCast app, however, Vizio has yet to reveal details about these speakers, apart from that there will be more information this summer.

The 50-inch P Series model will feature a 120Hz refresh rate, and will be priced at $1,000, whilst the 55-inch model will have a 240Hz refresh rate and will be priced at $1,300.

There will also be a 65-inch and 75-inch version that will be priced at $2,000 and $3,700 respectively.



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