At CES 2017 this week, an AI and acoustics startup named Vobot Inc revealed what they say is the first Amazon Alexa-enabled timepiece to be launched.

Called the Vobot Clock, it has been designed to help you get through the day with a voice-activated and controlled smart alarm clock that can tell you what to do, and at what time to do it in order to help you manage your time in a more effective manner.

You can also customise the alarm to set a range of wakeup tunes, and all of it is powered by an internal 5W speaker.

And with the Amazon Alexa integration, you simply need to tell Vobot Clock what time you want to wake up in order to set the alarm.

The clock also features a sleek and streamlined design, it doesn’t have any buttons because it is all controlled with your voice or gestures.

Vobot says that the Clock will be available in early February for $35.

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