Vodafone sent a package out to us today containing marshmallows and a fantastic message about the company, they have been awarded with the ‘Best in Test’ award by the independent testing company, P3, who’s tests revealed that the company had the best performance for voice calls across the UK, the best voice and data network in London, for the second year in a row, and in their overall tests, they found that Vodafone came joint first with EE in terms of UK-wide data performance.

p3-testsIn the Connect Mobile Benchmark that P3 conducted in September, P3 awarded both EE and Vodafone with a total of 803 points out of a possible 1,000.

The test revealed that Vodafone was leading in terms of voice quality, while EE’s network performance did perform better in data.

As you can see in the graph to the right, Three came third in the test with a score of 338, while O2 came forth with 747. All the top three achieved a good grade, while O2 was deemed satisfactory according to P3.

When compared to last year, Vodafone has improved massively, increasing their score from 673 to 803, which put it in the third spot last year. In their statement, Vodafone said to use that they had enabled 5000 4G-enabled sites in the last year alone, and currently provide 4G outdoor coverage to 96% of the UK population.

“With over 5000 mobile sites 4G-enabled in the last year alone – providing 4G outdoor coverage to 96% of the UK population – our network is now officially the biggest and best it’s ever been. This means more of your calls get through, they get connected faster and with great speech quality on the Vodafone network. What’s more, P3 also confirmed we’re the most improved network since 2015. Especially when it comes to faster web page download speeds, with better YouTube video quality and faster file upload and download speeds – #Winning.”

“But we’re not stopping there. In fact, there’s never been a better time to try us. Because we’re also the only network to stand by our network quality – and guarantee it. Our Network Satisfaction Guarantee means that as new or upgrading customers have 30 days to put our network to the test. And if they’re not completely satisfied, we’ll cancel the contract so they can walk away – no questions asked.”

In the other places last year was EE in first with 760, Three UK with 687, and O2 in fourth with 638, however, we have not yet received statements from any of those.

P3 conduct these tests by checking voice and data performance on 3G and 4G networks with LTE-capable smartphones, they measure the call-quality, call success rate, uplink speed, downlink speed, website access, and mobile video performance while driving, walking, and indoors.

They conduct these tests in major metropolitan areas, smaller towns, connecting roads, and on major highways to ensure that the tests are as true to life as they can achieve.

P3 says that because of this, their benchmarks can help operators to compare their network to an ordinary user’s experience.

Disclosure: Vodafone sent us a package with marshmallows in them to let us know about this news, however, as much as we do like marshmallows, they did not change our opinions within this article, and we are sure that if any of the other companies sent us any other food items (feel free), this article would go unchanged.

[alert type=blue ]Update: And here are those marshmallows for anyone interested, they didn’t last long after this photo:[/alert]


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