Vodafone has today announced their latest and first ever 4G MiFi router, called the R212 it will offer 4G connections to multiple devices wherever you are.

However some of the smarter readers out there may already have taken note that Vodafone doesn’t actually have a 4G network yet, which means until they do launch one, with the R212 you will only be able to access their 3G connection.

However the device will allow for 10 devices to be connected to the router at the same time, alongside packing a 2800mAh battery and an SD card reader for cards up to 32GB.

The Vodafone R212 4G MiFi router is available today for £39 on a 12 month price plan which will grant 1GB of data for £10 a month.

The Vodafone R212 is available for £39 on a 12 month price plan, which brings with it 1GB of data for £10 per month, you can find out more on the Vodafone online shop.

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