Back in January O2 announced that it would no longer be partnered with the UK based retailer, Phones4U, and now Vodafone has decided to do the same, announcing that it will not be renewing its partnership with the store.

The move comes despite the fact that Phones4U claim to have sold 430,000 Vodafone contract connections and 125,000 prepay SIMs in the the 12 months to February, which they state has generated over £230 million in business. Vodafone has yet to claffy these claims however.

This now means that the retailer will only be able to offer contracts from EE (T-Mobile and Orange too) and Virgin Media as they are the only two to still have a partnership.

And to only add to the pain, Vodafone also announced that it will be continuing to sell its contracts through Carphone Warehouse in a new “enhanced” partnership.

In response to this decision Phones4u’s CEO David Kessler said that he was disappointed with the network’s decision, mentioning that the change came after numerous meetings to convince the network to change its mind.

He did however state that the company is looking to fill the space with a number of other networks and partners in the future.

It will certainly be interesting to see what happens to Phones4U after this, and if they manage to keep their head above water during what one might call though times.

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