Vodafone have today announced a new idea they recent had to try to help keep your devices charging, when you’re at a festival this summer, without the need for a plug.

Developed by the Electronics and Computer Science Department at the University of Southampton, the new technology uses some special fabric that can be added to more or less anything made from fabric, and then used to harvest both kinetic and thermal energy to recharge your device whilst your moving or even sleeping.

To kick off the idea, Vodafone will be launching something they call the Power Shorts and the Recharge Sleeping Bag, both launching at this years Isle of Wight festival.

vodafone smartphone charging sleeping bag

Of course, these aren’t extremely impressive just yet, with the Power Shorts supplying up to four hours worth of battery life and the sleeping bag adding up to 11 hours, they won’t recharge your phone fully, but they will certainly keep you going.

The Power Pocket concept will be able to see in action from the Isle of Wight festival on June 13th till June 16th, after which it will be appearing at various other Vodafone sponsored festivals.

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