I will admit it, I am addicted to the internet there is literally no point in the day when I am not checking my e-mail, Twitter or just searching around the web and checking out cat videos, however when I’m on the go it can sometimes be hard to do this without spending a ton of money on Mobile data.

That’s where Vodafone’s Mobile Wi-Fi Dongle comes in, allowing you to stay connected on the go at a cheaper price.

Set-up is extremely easy, you simply turn the device on, type in the password on the device you wish to connect to and your away, once you are connected there’s very little you actually need to do, with a simple dedicated setup page accessible via the browser you can easily check the connection, view your SMS messages, access the microSD card you may have installed and even view how much data you have used so far.

On the front of the device there’s a handy screen that will show you whats going on with the device itself, and provides information such as your connection speed, how many devices you have connected, battery life, your connection status, amount of data used and even time spent using that data.

This allows you to keep track of what your spending quickly and easily.


The device itself looks a lot like the Three Mobile Wi-Fi device which coincidentally was also made by Huawei with the same pebble design, OLED screen and clip off back which covers the SIM card slot and swappable battery.

On the side of the device there’s also a microSD card slot that can be used to make the MiFi a storage device, allowing data to be accessed via USB or by using the WiFi connection.

Via that same Micro-USB cable you can hardline the R205 to your laptop for a better connection, and will of course charge the battery.

I was generally quite impressed with the R205 as it generally provided a great connection in a range of different places, I found that internet ran similarally to that which you would find on a mobile phone but still provided impressive load times when using the device with a PC or laptop.

However connection will vary depending on the time of day, where you are and how fast you are moving, for example on a train connection will not be as good as if you where at home browsing the net.

When using the device you get around three to four hours of a single charge, which obviously depends on how vigorously you are using the device itself, you can however set the device to turn of automatically after being idle for a set period of time, and of course you can charge if via your laptop during use.


You can pick up the Vodafone Mobile WiFi R205 dongle for £55 up-front which includes a top-up with 500MB of data for 60 days, once used up you can top-up the device for £5 for an extra 250MB lasting 30 days.

If you prefer you can also pick up the device on pay-monthly where you can choose one of two deals, either the 30-day rolling contract where the device will set you back £49 up-front with 2GB of data lasting 30 days for £20 a month.

Or you can choose the 18-month contract where you will get 2GB of data per month with no up-front fee for £15 a month.

You can find out more about that on Vodafone’s product page.

Overall I thought the R205 mobile dongle was a great device, one which defiantly answers the problem of not having internet on the go, and the device certainly saved me on a few occasions whilst traveling from city to city.

As with most internet connections, the speed depends on where you are and the situation you are in, and it’s quite unlikely that you will ever reach top speed, I did find this to be one f the best dongles I have used so far and until 4G dongles starting making their way unto the market at an inexpensive price, I don’t think we will see much better.

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