Over the last few weeks we have released a number of reviews for some budget devices from Vodafone, the latest of which is the recently released Vodafone Smart Speed 6.

Priced at just £50, the Smart Speed 6 is the device under the Smart Prime 6 and the Smart Ultra 6, which we reviewed recently and came up with the verdict that they were both great options for anyone looking for a new device on a budget.

Vodafone Smart Prime 6 review

Vodafone’s Smart Prime 6 is a budget smartphone with a range of specs that get you a decent smartphone at a low-cost price tag,

Although it is a low-budget smartphone, the Smart Prime 6 definitely has a decent looking design that allows it to compete with other budget smartphones on the market, however it won’t compete with the design of some of the top-level smartphones like the S6 or HTC One M9, so don’t expect anything amazing. Available in both silver or dark grey the Speed 6 is pretty bulky at 10mm thick, a thickness that is definitely noticeable when holding the device, it is also quite heavy at 155 grams, but is still thinner than the Smart Prime 6. Despite this the Speed 6 is still comfortable to use for long periods due to its curved back. In terms of dimensions, the Smart Speed 6 is sized at 132.2 x 65.1 mm, featuring a 4.5 inch display, this means that the bezel that surrounds it are quite large, but they are not so large that you cannot use it one-handed.

Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 Smartphone Review

If you are looking for a budget handset then there are a number of cheap options from a number of carriers in the UK, offering entry-level specs with a mix of other decent specs but at a budget price tag.

Vodafone Smart Speed review 004

On the front of the Speed 6 you will find it’s 4.5 inch IPS display, which has a 480 x 854 pixel resolution and 218 pixels per inch, this results in a display that isn’t as clear as some of the budget smartphones, for example the Prime 6 costs just £30 more and has a larger 720p HD display.

The Speed 6’s display isn’t very bright either, which means it’s not great to read in direct sunlight.

Vodafone Smart Speed review 003Inside you will also find a quad-core 1GHz Mediatek MT6735M CPU and 1GB of RAM, which actually results in decent performance, even out-performing the Prime 6 in some of our tests, however not all, in GeekBench 3 the Speed 6 scored a 455 in single-core mode and 1245 in mult-core mode, which is a little lower than the Prime 6 which achieved a 473 in single core and 1450 in multi-core mode in our previous tests.

In the real-world this did translate to some lag when going through menus or opening apps, however for standard web browsing or calls and texts the Speed 6 will perform fine, just don’t expect to play too many games on it.

There’s also 8GB of storage in the phone, which is around 4.7GB once you include the storage needed for the Android OS and Vodafone apps, thankfully you can boost this storage up to 32GB with the addition of a microSD card.

Unfortunately the 1,780mAh battery is non-removeable, but easily last a couple of days off normal usage.

Vodafone Smart Speed review 002

Around the back you will find the phone’s 5MP camera, featuring an LED flash it has a number of shooting modes that includes auto, manual, sport and HDR.

This results in pictures that are somewhat uninspiring but could be effectively used for social media posts. You will find that most of the time images do look a little over exposed and in both low-light and high-light conditions it doesn’t perform brilliantly.

Around the front you will also find a pretty basic 2MP camera, which performs well enough for a front-facing camera, packing face recognition that allows you to get a selfie that’s focused and good enough quality for your social media profile.

The rear and front can also film in 720p HD, with optical image stabilisation available.

The Smart Speed 6 comes pre-installed with Android 5.1 and a total of eight Vodafone branded applications, which include Message+, Call+, Direct Access, My Web, Smart Tips, Updates, Vodafone Store and Vodafone. All of these allow you to access a number of specific Vodafone services, for instance Vodafone Store allows you to access your data allowance, minutes, texts and more, whilst Message+ and Call+ allow for more functionality to be added to phone calls and texts.

When using the phone for web access you will be happy to know it has 4G connectivity enabled, allowing users to access fast internet on the go without spending too much on a handset.

Vodafone Smart Speed review 001The Smart Speed 6 is an okay phone for a budget, however you definitely get what you pay for with this one, at just £50 you can expect this phone to work okay for just the basics, however the camera is rather lacklustre, the display has a resolution that’s a little too low and can sometimes be a little laggy when performing intensive apps.

If you have an extra £30 and want to go on the Vodafone network then we think the Smart Prime 6 will be a better option for you, it has a larger display that has a 720p HD resolution, a faster resolution, a better camera and a better all-round design.

If you have just a little more than the Smart Ultra 6 should be your next option.

We have reviewed both the Prime 6 and the Ultra 6 recently so make sure you check out those reviews before you make a decision. If you do want to find out more about the Speed 6 you can do so at Vodafone’s website here.

Vodafone Smart Speed 6 smartphone review
2.8The Ultra 6 or Prime 6 might be better options
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