In response to EE launching its own TV service earlier this month, Vodafone has this week announced that it will be launching its own TV and broadband service from Spring 2015. Vodafone plans to do this by using the BT infrastructure and its own business fibre network.

As of yet Vodafone hasn’t revealed what TV content will be made available or how it will be delivered. It’s also unclear if Vodafone will be using the TV service as an incentive to sign up to broadband like EE have also.

In order to compete with other services like Virgin, Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video the service will have to be offered as a better or cheaper service to what everyone else is offering.

However they could also offer a service much like EE TV and provide access to normal TV services like Freeview and to on-demand and streaming service like Amazon Instant Video and Netflix.

Before this happens Vodafone needs to update new areas which they are doing as part of its Project Spring network update, which will include the installation of fixed-line telephone lines, TV connections and a faster 4G connection.

Via: BBC

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