This week Vodafone revealed a new concept device that has been designed to make your summer smarter.

This concept is for the new Vodafone Smart Swimwear, which is a set of swimwear clothing for men and women that has UV sensors inbuilt.

Once connected to an app, the user can then check their phone to see how much exposure they have had to UV light.

They also unveiled a smart sun hat for kids that comes with an inbuilt tracker to alert you when they have wandered off.

Vodafone explained more about it with the following:

The Vodafone ‘Smart Summer’ bikini and men’s swim shorts are equipped with UV sensors that track exposure to sunlight throughout the day. A smartphone app notifies the user when they have had too much exposure to UV light. The swimwear also contains a small vibrating alert built into the waistband and strap. The concept ‘Smart Summer’ child’s sun hat contains a UV sensor plus a low-powered Vodafone SIM and tracking device which sends a warning message to the parent’s smartphone if the child wanders beyond a pre-determined distance. The concept ‘Smart Summer’ suitcase includes embedded tracking technology to enable the owner to geolocate missing luggage via their smartphone.

The ‘Smart Summer’ concept designs were developed as a pan-European survey commissioned by Vodafone from YouGov found that nearly half (48%) of respondents forgot to apply sunscreen on holiday with three-quarters (76%) saying they would be more likely to cover up if they had received an automated alert. 30% of respondents also said themselves or a travel companion had lost luggage while traveling.

You can also watch the video below for a quick look.

Source Vodafone

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