This week Vodafone announced a new update to their Vodafone Wallet mobile payment service for Android, revealing that the application now supports PayPal in the UK.

From today, Vodafone Wallet will allow you to link your PayPal account up to your wallet, allowing you to make contactless payments in the UK up to £30 with your PayPal details.

Vodafone explained more about it with the following:

Vodafone and PayPal have joined forces to allow UK customers to make contactless payments in shops, restaurants and on transport services with their Android smartphones, funded from their PayPal accounts.

From today, customers can link their PayPal account to Vodafone Pay to purchase goods and services simply by tapping their smartphone in more than 400,000 places across the UK that accept contactless payments.  Vodafone Pay customers will also be able to use the service to pay to travel across the Transport for London (TfL) network as well as on National Rail services in and around London that accept Contactless and Oyster.

Purchases of up to £30 can be made at any contactless terminal and users wishing to spend more can do so using Vodafone Pay at participating retailers through the use of a PIN. In addition to using their PayPal account, Vodafone customers can now add their Visa and MasterCard bank credit and debit cards to Vodafone Pay so they don’t have to carry plastic cards.

You can also read more about the news at the source link below.

Source: Vodafone

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