Today Vodafone announced some pretty exciting news. They will be improving their customer service and helping to boost the UK economy by bringing thousands of call centre jobs back to UK soil after years of being placed overseas.

This is huge news for the UK, where Vodafone plans to create a total of 2,100 jobs around the country, with 800 in Manchester, 600 in Newcastle, and nearly 300 in Scotland.

This comes after Vodafone has received many complaints from customers, and even a huge £4.6m fine from Ofcom in October for what they called sustained failings. By bringing it to the UK, Vodafone hopes that their customers will receive a better service, but also feel happier to be with a company that is supporting their home soil.

However, this new team of British-based call centre staff will not only take calls from UK-based customers.

They will also take on the calls from South Africa, India, and Egypt.

They didn’t provide a specific timeline for this move, however, we know that it is part of their overall £2bn investment in the UK over the next three years, which will not only support this move, but also help them to improve coverage and capacity.

The Vodafone UK chief executive, Nick Jeffery, said the following about the news:

“These new, skilled roles will make a real difference to our customers and a real difference to the communities that are the focus of our customer services investment.”

“Our ambition is to give our customers the best experience possible, providing an outstanding level of service and support as we continue to invest in building the biggest and best network in Britain.”

You can also read more about the news at the source link below.

Source: Vodafone

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