Speaking to investors, Vodafone’s CEO Vittorio Colao called 4G users “technofreaks”, after visiting an EE store to try the 4G LTE speeds for himself, he said the following, “all I saw [were] technofreaks.”

The quote was first reported by Mobile News, who added that the CEO said only “early adopters” would notice the difference between LTE and HSPA+, which is obviously true as the service is so new, everyone is an early adopter.

Having tried the speeds for myself, I feel completely different to the CEO and think everyone and everyone would notice speeds 5 times faster than 3G.

Of course shortly after the news broke, EE decided to turn it into a clever marketing scheme, Tweeting the message “EE welcomes technofreaks.” in the image above, which was posted alongside the message, “In case you were curious, everyone is welcome on #4GEE…including “technofreaks”

Source: Mobile News, Twitter (EE)

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