This week Vodafone announced the launch of a new pay-as-you-go plan that might provide you with some great savings.

It’s called Pay As You Go 1 and it is a plan that is capped at a £1 a day, meaning that Vodafone will charge you 20p per text, call of 5MB of data until your bill reaches £1. After that, you won’t be charged any more for texts or calls during the day and you can add an additional 500MB each time that you need it for £1 extra.

Of course, the data probably won’t be great for the avid video streamer and there might be some better deals for you out there in terms of data.

That said, it is a really good deal for anyone who is looking to limit their consumption as this plan would never exceed £31 a month if you don’t add any more data.

Unfortunately, the plan isn’t available just yet, however, Vodafone said that PAYG1 will be launching in early November.

You should contact your local Vodafone shop for more details.

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